Annual Report Annual Report 2015 : Page 3

G L O BAL H EAL TH / PR E P AR E D N E SS Clockwise from left to right: Lucy Maryogo-Robinson, APHL director of global health; Ralph Timperi, APHL senior advisor of laboratory practice and management; Dr. Isatta Wurie, APHL senior consultant and public health laboratory specialist; Dr. Abu Bakarr Fofanah, Sierra Leone health and sanitation minister; Scott Becker, APHL executive director; Dr. Alpha Diallo, APHL consultant; Paul Jankauskas, APHL global health manager, Ebola “ Ebola detection hinges on quality laboratory systems, and that is what the Sierra Leone Health Ministry is working to establish, with APHL support.” Isatta Wurie, PhD, senior public health laboratory consultant, APHL Public health laboratory leaders from 12 African countries participate in a group activity at the International Institute for Public Health Laboratory Management at Stellenbosch University in Cape Town, South Africa 2015 APHL ANNUAL REPORT 3 2015 APHL ANNUAL REPORT 3

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